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ServicesNutritional Counseling

Nearly all medical conditions can benefit from nutritional management. We’ll meet to discuss your diagnosis, therapy, and current diet. Then we’ll come up with goals and a treatment plan combining diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes to achieve those goals.

Wellness Coaching

Maybe you’re pretty healthy but have a family history of heart disease you would like to avoid. Maybe you’re fatigued and struggled to keep up with life. Maybe you’re confused about what to eat and don’t know where to get started. Regardless of where you’re coming from, I can help you get to a place of more energy, more vitality, more health. Whether you need assistance cleaning the crap out of your diet or cleaning up your body, I can help you make those changes.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Paleo Diets

The American diet is based on wheat and dairy, along with corn and soy. None of these items are foods humans evolved eating, and indeed many individuals have intolerances to them they might not even be aware of. These intolerances can be impacting your immune system, energy levels, and causing inflammation.

Some individuals are eliminating these foods from their diet to improve their health, while some need to for a medical condition. If you’re one of these people, you might feel overwhelmed and find yourself crying in the grocery store not knowing where to start.

I can help you figure out what to eat, how to make substitutions in your current diet, avoid malnutrition that can occur from eliminating these staples, and recommend products that taste good and are good for you. I have years of experience working with individuals on restrictive diets and know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll go over your current diet, figure out where to make changes, and follow up to avoid pitfalls and keep you on track.

Body Fat Analysis and Body Composition

While the scale is a helpful guide for your relative body status, body composition will tell you much more: how much fat (including unhealthy visceral fat), lean muscle, and water you have. This is a much better indication of your body status than just weight or BMI. It’s a simple, painless process that takes a few minutes. Afterward, we’ll sit down to go over the results and suggestions on what areas to improve.

Grocery Store Tours

Whether you’re on a special diet, trying to curb your carbs, or just wanting to eat better, a grocery store tour will be a big help. Available individually or in groups, I’ll take you around the store showing you my product picks, giving cooking and money-saving tips along the way. The tour will be tailored to your individual needs – Gluten-free? Low-salt? Heart-healthy? Paleo? You got it.

Cooking Lessons

Eating fresh, healthy food doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming – let me prove it! Whether you’re a kitchen novice or an Iron Chef in the making, I can help you master the basics, learn some new techniques, or make weeknight meals fast and easy. I have a passion for cooking and food science, and love teaching people the how’s and why’s of cooking. In your home, either alone or with friends. I’ll give lessons on whatever cooking topic strikes your fancy.

Pantry Interventions

Low-fat, no-fat, high-carb, low-carb, trans fats, saturated fat, organic, non-GMO. Ack!!! Do you sometimes feel like pulling your hair out thanks to the nutritional advice du jour? If you stare at your pantry not knowing where to start, let me help! I’ll come to your home, and we’ll figure out what you’d like to do with your diet. Then, we’ll go through your pantry and fridge, and I’ll show you what’s good, what’s bad, and what to look for. If you like, we can also go grocery shopping together to learn what kinds of foods to buy now that you’re starting over.