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My Approach

With a background in integrative medicine, my approach firmly marries natural therapies with science-based wisdom. I’ll help you clean up your diet to feel better, have more energy and manage medical conditions.

My Philosophy

My health philosophy is simple: don’t eat crap. Delving deeper, this means a whole-foods diet based on high quality meats, vegetables and fruits. I’m not a big fan of grains and dairy, but I am a big cheerleader of butter and bacon. That makes me go against the grain, but that’s why I tell people the “RD” after my name stands for “Rogue Dietitian.” Humans evolved eating meats and plants, and I think the better you can adapt to this diet, the more you will thrive. Most chronic health conditions are caused by our dependence on grains,  and the inflammation caused by mass produced vegetable oils.  Keep it natural. Keep it real.

Why Choose Me

There are dozens of dietitians in a 50 mile radius, so why choose me?

  • I’ll listen to your needs, and create a plan you can live with.I won’t scrap 75% of what you’re eating and leave you crying in the grocery store. I’ll help you identify easy changes you can make, recommend products to buy, and easy meals to prepare. 
  • I won’t sentence you to a life of twigs and tofu. I believe in food. Realfood, that tastes good. Much of the pleasure of life involves food. Bacon is a virtue; enjoy it. 
  • Integrative approach.I don’t believe in medicine by numbers, matching up a disease with a preconceived therapy. I believe in the uniqueness of each situation. I combine conventional therapies with natural remedies including herbals, vitamins and minerals. Most dietitians don’t have any training in this area, but I have spent the last 15 years studying the naturopathic approach and working in alternative medicine. 
  • I’ll come to you.Too sick to leave the house? Need to meet during lunch? Or maybe you need help learning to cook? No problem. For a small fee, I will be happy to meet you at your home or place of business. 
  • Evening and Weekend Hours.The world doesn’t take a snooze after business hours, and neither does your health. I have a flexible schedule and can meet you during evening or weekend hours for no additional charge. 
  • Free Consultation. If you’re wondering how I can help you or if your insurance will cover my service, schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to find out.

What to Expect

How your appointments will go, and how many times we will meet, will depend on your individual health and goals. Generally, the first appointment will last about an hour, and we’ll discuss why you’re seeing me, your health history and other important background information to get a snapshot of where you are now. A week or two later we’ll meet a second time for to go over your current diet, set-up some goals, and a plan to achieve them. We’ll meet again in about a month to see how you’re doing, check progress and adjust your plan to fix any bumps in the road. We’ll meet every 1-3 months after that until you achieve your goals, and then once or twice a year to keep you on your path.