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Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food intolerance means your body can’t process a certain food. For example, with Celiac Disease the body can’t break down gluten, or with lactose intolerance the enzyme to breakdown lactose is missing. Food intolerances typically aren’t immediately life threatening, although they can cause much discomfort and inconvenience.

Food allergy means the immune system is incorrectly attacks the food thinking it’s an invader. The impact can range from mild (itchy throat) to severe (closed airway), and can be life threatening.

Avoiding the offending food is the best strategy to avoiding problems. Sometimes it’s easy to spot the food, and sometimes it’s not. In the case of anaphylactic allergies, it’s critical to know if the offending food is present. I’ll help you learn what to look for on a nutrition label, how to handle eating out, and how to make eating in easier.