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Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes, caused by your cell’s insensitivity to insulin, which means your cells can’t use insulin, causing your blood sugars to be elevated. Over time, Type II Diabetes puts you at higher risk for developing heart disease, is the number one cause of kidney disease and blindness, and may lead to amputations.

Those are some scary consequences! Fortunately, there is much you can do to avoid them. If treated early with diet and lifestyle changes, Type II Diabetes can be reversible.

A lot of people think being diabetic means you can’t eat sugar, but there’s actually more to it than that. Controlling diabetes is about controlling carbohydrates, and controlling weight. At the first meeting, we’ll go over your health history, take your current body weight and composition (body fat, muscle, etc), and discuss what you’re eating. Once we see where you are, and we’ll figure out how you got here. You’ll write a food journal for a week, and then we’ll meet a second time to go over it. We will then make some changes to your current diet – changes that will have a big impact, without tragically altering your current routine or budget. Together, we’ll also set goals and outline a plan to meet them. A month later we will meet again to check your progress, and address any bumps in the road. From there, visits to track progress will be every 1-3 months, as indicated by your particular needs.