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About Me

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Hampshire in 2008, and completed my dietetic internship at the University of Houston. UNH provided me with a solid background in science and nutrition, while working in Houston provided me hands-on experiences with a diverse population. My rotations included high-risk pediatrics, integrative treatment of HIV/AIDS, dialysis, wellness, and school food service.

Because the first rule of nutrition is “you are what you eat,” I felt it important to understand food from farm to fork. I became involved in the local farming scene and got my hands dirty working on an organic farm for a season. Working on the farm brought the focus back to nature, and to the plants and animals that lived their lives so we can have nourishment. Food stopped being a collection of chemicals, and returned to being part of the ecosystem we are members of. I use the knowledge gained from this experience to shift the focus not just to a whole foods diet, but also a local and humane diet.

I love all things food and cooking and science. I enjoy photography, and my work has been featured in the 2009 Seacoast Eat Local calendar, 2009 Seacoast Harvest guide, Seacoast Growers Association website, Portsmouth Magazine, and NH To Do magazine.

My goal is to help people eat a natural, whole foods based diet. I’m a problem solver, and like to help patients figure out how to fit changes in their lives as painlessly as possible.