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Fast, Easy & Cheap: Taco Night!

The other day I blogged about my excellent results with Frontera Chile Verde Enchilada Sauce. Since it was so great, and their ingredients are clean, I’ve picked up a few more of their sauces to try. Today was a busy day. I skipped lunch thanks to juggling baby and dentist appt (bad dietitian, I know). So, by the time Husband got home at 6:00 we were all pretty starving and dinner had to be...
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Italian Combo Salad

Growing up outside of New York City, “lunch” meant going to the deli and getting a sandwich on a kaiser roll, stuffed with cold cuts. My all-time favorite is the “Italian Combo,” consisting of salami, ham, provolone, lettuce and tomato on a big roll soaked with vinaigrette dressing. The Italian Combo also makes for a great salad! If you’re ditching the bread because...
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Easy Enchiladas

Since having a baby my diet has really taken a turn for the worse. Now that Oliver is a mobile toddler, it’s even harder to carve out time to plan, shop, and cook meals. I’m the first to admit we’ve eaten way too much pizza, Panera, and Chinese take-out over the past two years. Prior to baby I would make nearly everything from scratch. Now I’ve had to bend my ideals, so...
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