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30 Days Later

I’ve been back to the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) for 30 days now, and quite possible feel three times worse than I did at my last update a few weeks ago. I’m not eating McDonald’s and TV dinners — I still eat mostly whole, home cooked foods, but there is some crap thrown in like beer, Goldfish, pizza.

Since September 1st (when I went back to SAD), I’ve gained nearly 6 lbs (essentially what I lost on the Paleo30), gone through 2 boxes of tissues thanks to out of control allergies, have headaches, migraines and back spasms most days, and in general have no energy.

And that’s just while eating mostly whole foods! I can’t imagine what I’d feel like if I ate a more typical SAD pattern.

Things I’ve been Eating: French onion soup with bread and Swiss cheese (homemade soup and stock), chicken salad sandwiches (homemade chicken salad), scrambled eggs with English muffin (butter and jam), ham + cheese sandwiches, shredded cabbage salad with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese with apricots and toast, Ritz crackers with peanut butter.

This coming weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving (I’m Canadian for those who don’t know), so we’re having a big feast and you can bet I’ll be eating lots of stuffing. But once the left overs are done, I will recommit to Paleo until American Thanksgiving. Until then, I will just enjoy these last few days of bread, cheese, butter, and beer, and be thankful I don’t have a heavy agenda of To Do items that require energy.

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