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Paleo30: Week 1

Beginning August 1st, herds of people are joining the Whole 30 challenge, from the excellent book It Starts with Food from Dallas and Melissa of Whole 9. I considered doing it, but opted instead to commit to 30 days of paleo. I know, I know. I’m a wuss. Don’t get me wrong — I believe strongly in the Whole30, and plan to embark on it at some point. The reason I’m taking the “easy” way out is because my food list is already restrictive — proteins are only chickens, pigs and eggs; no other birds, no red meat, and nothing from the sea; no mushrooms, no eggplant, no dairy and esp no goat dairy. For that reason, high protein, low-mod carb diets are hell for me. I just hate the taste of meat, and my meals quickly become boring and painful. Now, ISWF does have a section for vegetarians where they say it’s ok to do beans — and I considered Whole 30’ing this route. But at the end of the day, I preach the paleo diet so I really need to find a way for meat-hating me to make it work.

Thus, I am doing the Paleo30 instead. Meat, vegetables. No grains, no dairy, NO yeast (which is my biggest trigger). Exceptions are made for small amounts in condiments such as the fermented soy in my gluten-free tamari or the rice starch in my taco seasoning mix or the (gag) vegetable oil in my mayonnaise. I read labels. I know what’s what, and am ok with these small things.

So here we go.

Day 1: Wed, Aug 1

Breakfast/Lunch (woke up late): black tea with Splenda and cream. (D’oh!!! I wasn’t even thinking…) Cauliflower Fauxlafel with Greekish salad (mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, balsamic vinaigrette) and Tahini

Snack: Lara Bar

Dinner: Roasted spiced sweet potatoes, steamed spinach, 2 runny yolked eggs cooked in coconut oil

Comments: Well, obviously I screwed up breakfast. Otherwise, I did ok. I was quite hungry though but made it through ok. I sneezed about 15 times despite Zyrtec and 1,000 quercetin/bromelain.

Day 2: Thur, Aug 2

Breakfast/Lunch: Black tea with Splenda (I know, I know) and coconut cream (better!). Egg salad (2 eggs worth) on a bed of greens.

Snack: 1/2 avocado smooshed up with salt, lime juice and a splash of Tabasco; eaten with snow peas.

Dinner: Cauliflower f’rice with bok choy, onions, egg, grilled chicken

Comments: The mayo in the egg salad was Hellman’s which has all sorts of bad crap in it. Oh well. I made the egg salad on Monday and certainly am not going to toss it. TBH I’m not super concerned over condiments. I know I don’t have an IgG or IgA intolerance to soybean oil, and generally eat low omega-6 so I’m good. Allergies are a bit better — only sneezed twice, and didn’t have to take a Zyrtec.

Day 3: Fri, Aug 3

Breakfast/Lunch: Black tea with coconut cream. “Thanksgiving Stuffing” — roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed onions, sausage, raisins, poultry seasoning

Snack: 1 avocado smooshed up with salt, lime, Tabasco; eaten with snow peas

Dinner: Grilled chicken, curried summer squash, cauliflower rice with lots of olive oil

Comments: Wah! Wah! I really want my Friday wine! Otherwise ok. Hunger was mild, energy was good. The coconut cream in tea was NASTY.

Day 4: Sat, Aug 4

Breakfast: Espresso (black). 2 eggs, over easy, with spinach and sweet potatoes.

Late Lunch (4 pm): Egg salad on bed of mixed greens.

Dinner: Chicken tacos with guacamole, tomatillo salsa and fresh tomatoes in butter lettuce wraps

Drinks: 3 gin & tonics

Comments: I am officially sick of eggs! Seriously, if I eat one more I will vomit. Three G&T’s were a bit much, but that was over 4 hrs when out with friends. I think the HFCS in the tonic was the worst, but no yeast! so I call that a victory.

Day 5: Sun, Aug 5

Breakfast: Espresso (black). 2 slices almond flour Paleo Bread from Julian Bakery with soy-free Earth Balance and apricot jam.

Lunch: None, I wasn’t hungry. (Thanks, Paleo Bread!)

Dinner: Paleo orange chicken (white meat) with BIG pile of steamed broccoli

Snacks: 2 Almond flour banana-walnut muffins with soy-free Earth Balance

Comments: Soy-free Earth Balance. I’m not thrilled with this, but it’s not terrible either. I am 100% dairy free, so this is a very good butter alternative. The oils in it aren’t terrible — no soy! So I’m fine with it. Allergies have been better the past few days, but bad today. Sneezing, itchy eyes and gums. Took Zyrtec.

Day 6: Mon, Aug 6

Breakfast: Espresso (black). 2 almond flour banana-walnut muffins with soy-free Earth Balance. Black tea with So Delicious coconut creamer.

Lunch: Zoodle Piccata with grilled chicken.

Dinner: Cream cheese with caramelized balsamic peppers on corn tortilla chips, strawberry-mint soup with vanilla ice cream, an embarrassing amount of wine.

Comments: Dinner was a hella cheat meal. I have some Air BnB friends from Portugal and they cooked us dinner. The cream cheese was an appetizer, but I couldn’t eat the Caldierada (fish stew). And the wine, well, it was a rollicking dinner party. I managed to avoid gluten, and all in all, it was a wonderful evening with friends and laughter so it was well worth it.

Day 7: Tue, Aug 7

Breakfast: Espresso (black). 2 almond flour banana-walnut muffins with soy-free Earth Balance. A handful of fresh strawberries.

Lunch: Strawberry-mint soup. Black tea with So Delicious coconut creamer.

Dinner: Giao Trac’s Chinese Chicken Salad with Spicy Ginger Dressing (cabbage [from my garden!], mint, carrots, chicken, almonds, mango, sesame-ginger-soy dressing)

Comments: Woke up today retaining loads of water, all my joints hurt. Thank you yeast and dairy! Did good today food wise. The salad was *amazing*! I used coconut aminos for the soy, and the dressing was great. I’ve been feeling really good, and so far the paleo thing has been fine. Chickens and pigs hasn’t gotten boring, I’m not having afternoon energy lulls, and my joints feel much better because I’m not retaining as much water. I’m looking forward to week two!

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